Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Artist on the rise : KR

Mixtape Evaluation : KR "Amnesia"

Take a listen to my favorite tracks on the mixtape
01.KR - Damn

05.KR - Kinda like Uncle Phil

Essentially from the cover of the mixtape down to the last track it's a book in itself, it tells a story. I feel albums & mixtapes should all center around some sort of concept. Or it'll just be a bunch of random songs on a disc. The cover "makes" you want to remember some place, but you can't quite grasp it, hence AMNESIA.

From a visual artist point of view : It makes since ,I appreciate it.
click on image below to download the mixtape

The mixtape is comprised of 10 songs excluding the intro & outro.So. here's the spin on the entire CD, he's acting like a dude with amnesia but the way he goes about is hilarious. The beat style is a bit similar to De La Soul in my opinion.His music is indeed "black" as his favorite color.When I think of black in this case I think of night , music feels cooler after hours .And KR's music fits right into that category since I can easily sleep to it.

This is my favorite part the "Artist Questionnaire"

Photography by Myron Watkins a.k.a Mr. Picture

1.Age : 23

2.Location: Detroit, Mi

3.How long have you been raping? As far as rapping well I'd say about three years. My stint of horrible rapping with too many syllables, terrible wordplay, and just horrible song structure went from about 1999-2006.

4.Which musicians inspire you? Is there anything else you grab your inspiration from? This is a good question for the simple fact that you said "musicians" instead of "rappers". I think it would be a crime to not mention Michael Jackson. Stevie Wonder. There's a guy named Harry Gregson-Williams works on movie scores and videogames, and his sound is epic. Nobuo Uematsu, who's crafted a lot of the music from the Final Fantasy series videogames is also a favorite of mine. The music they craft make you feel a certain way emotionally, and that's what I've always aimed to accomplish with my music. My inspiration on the Hip-Hop side are too long and drawn out...from Tupac to Eminem, from Little Brother to Royce da 5'9. I have too many Hip-Hop inspirations. In general, I take inspiration from emotion and from life. If I rap about it, I know about it. About 95% of what I rap about is based on my life and my feelings. That other 5% is prolly just for entertainment value.

5.Do you write ? Is it all by you , from the top of your head? Everything you hear from me is written by me. I can't really fuck with that "no pen" shit. It's gimmicky to me. I think ever since people found out about Big and Jay not doing that, people started forcing themselves to do that- not because it was a natural process, which is corny to me. To each his own, but I have to write my thoughts down. You think a suit from a billion dollar company just comes off the dome with a proposal during a meeting? Let's be real...

6.How many mixtapes have you droped? To date I've dropped two mixtapes. Another one is coming in December.

7.What's your favorite color? (I ask this to associate it with your music) All black everything.

8.How would you define your style? I don't know...I kinda wanna leave that up to the people to decide. My style is me..

9.What's 5 things most people don't know about you?

  1. I wrote poetry before making the transition to rapping.

  2. My original rap name was "Code Red"

  3. My daughter doesn't even know how to talk yet, but LOVES Jay-Z. She loses it when "Run This Town" comes on

  4. Before I got serious about rapping, my imaginary record label was called "No Money Records"

  5. In my first performance ever at a talent show in Detroit, I forgot the words to my damn song. They gave me a chance to do it one more time that night and I forgot again. That was my official B. Rabbit moment...

10.If you decided to ever drop raping what would be your plan b? Plan B would probably be something involved with movies and/or videogames. I'm trying to get my Masters in Communication with a concentration in Digital Image and Scriptwriting next fall, so if rap doesn't work out I'll always have this degree to open a few more doors. Plus, I'm like the coolest nigga ever, so I'll be straight.

-Overall its Nice stuff-
Its a quick download check it out and come back to give me your opinions ..thanks luvies ^_^

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